The #DHattheCC Project: Digital Humanities Needs Community Colleges

Check out my guest post on Teaching Pals’ Pedagogy and American Literary Studies blog. I’m writing about our #DHattheCC movement and my experiments using DH in the community college classroom. 

After attending the National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute on Implementing the Digital Humanities in Community Colleges last summer, I was determined to try my hand at teaching with digital humanities (DH) at my main campus, Northern Virginia Community College, where I teach primarily composition classes.

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Participants at the NEH Institute via Russell Shitabata

Up until that point, DH had been only a scholarly pursuit for me, since I had convinced myself that a community college environment was not conducive to implementing DH and that an unfunded, underpaid adjunct graduate student was unlikely to be in a position to do anything meaningful about it. I had good reason to feel this way—the large majority of DH scholarship, research, and projects which currently exist are produced for and by large institutions with significant budgets, well-staffed and resourced libraries, and for academically high achieving students in small groups, definitely not reflective of my community college environment.

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