Negativity Bias

Today's rather short post is brought to you by an instructor with 100 student projects to review! lol But seriously, I wanted to take a moment because it is officially the season of course evaluations, and I saw some interesting chatter in my program's slack about this topic. There was the very familiar back-and-forth about … Continue reading Negativity Bias

Digital Inclusion Week Campaign

I'm replacing this Tuesday's tip post with an update on my community-engaged students' second major project: the Digital Inclusion Week Campaign (hosted by NDIA). If you read my "So You Want to Teach a Service Learning Course?" post, you know I've been teaching two CE sections this semester. I also wrote briefly about what my … Continue reading Digital Inclusion Week Campaign

10 Tips for Virtual, Synchronous Participation

I was actually going to write about a different topic this week, but in a recent meeting a colleague mentioned how fatigued she was because her virtual synchronous sessions were basically all black boxes with the same four students participating each time. This particular colleague is up for a pretty rad teaching award this year, … Continue reading 10 Tips for Virtual, Synchronous Participation

A “Less is More” Feedback Model for Online Writing Intensive Classes

Last semester I was asked to help facilitate a short workshop on strategies for providing feedback on low-stakes work in online writing-intensive (WIT) classes. It seems the pivot to online instruction has left faculty overwhelmed with the amount of written feedback they think is necessary in an online class. I should mention that *most* of … Continue reading A “Less is More” Feedback Model for Online Writing Intensive Classes