Teaching C.V. 

George Mason University

ENG 101 Composition

ENG 302 Advanced Composition

ENG 201 Texts and Contexts: Literature of the Diaspora

HNRS 261 The Digital Divide

The George Washington University:

UW #AmWriting: Researching, Authoring, and Audience in the Age of New Media, Five Sections 2018

ENGL 1711 Postcolonial Literature and Film, One Section 2013

ENGL 1411 Introduction to English Literature, Five Sections 2011-2013

Northern Virginia Community College:

ENG 242 Introduction to American Literature II, Fall 2011

ENG 125 Introduction to Literature Six Sections 2011-2015

ENG 111 Composition 1 Nine Sections 2009-2015

ENG 112 Composition 2 Eleven Sections 2010-2016

Hybrid Courses 

ENG 111 Composition I, Two Sections 2015

Marymount University

English 101, One Section 2014

English 102, One Section 2015

  • Introduction to literary analysis, paratexts, and advanced research methods including use of special collections, author interviews, and scholarly sources.

CMD 315 Writing for Digital Media, One Section 2016

  • Instruction in the development, implementation, and reporting of a digital media campaign and strategies for producing written and visual content for a variety of digital media platforms.

Professional Service:

Multimodal Faculty Learning Community Co-Leader, George Mason University, 2020

Graduate Student Mentor, Composition Program, George Mason University, 2019 – 2020

Participant, Composition Program Summit, Northern Virginia Community College, 2018

Digital Humanities at the Community College Working Group, Northern Virginia Community College, 2015 – 2016

Participant, First-year Composition Assessment, Northern Virginia Community College, 2016

Organizer, “Omeka Workshop,” The George Washington University, 2014

Reviewer, Oxford University Press, 2015 – 2016

Secretary and Co-founder, Rushdie International Society, 2013-2016

Co-Chair, English Digital Humanities Working Group, The George Washington U, 2012-2016

President, English Graduate Student Assoc. The George Washington University, 2012-2013

Professional Development Vice President, English Graduate Student Assoc. The George Washington University, 2011-2012

Professional Training:

Service Learning Community, George Mason University, 2019

Public Writing Learning Community, George Mason University, 2019

Online Writing Instruction Learning Community, George Mason University, 2018

Webinar on “Teaching with Wikipedia.” Wiki Ed and West Virginia University, 2015.

National Endowment for Humanities Summer Institute on Implementing DH in Community Colleges, 2015.

Online Course Design and Instruction Training, Northern Virginia Community College, 2013

Future Faculty Program, The George Washington University, 2012

Writing In Discipline Workshop Training, The George Washington University, 2012

Hybrid Course Training Certificate, Northern Virginia Community College, 2010

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