Multimodal Assignment Design

During the week of September 21st – 25th, I will be presenting a 15 minute pre-recorded session titled “Designing, Scaffolding, and Evaluating Multimodal Assignments” at the 2020 Innovations in Teaching and Learning Conference hosted by the Stearns Center at George Mason University.

In connection with the video presentation, I have also created a PDF designed to aid in the development or redesign of an assignment to make it multimodal. The PDF also contains an example “project planning” worksheet that I use with students and a list of resources for creating accessible and ethical multimodal content.

Finally, I have linked to a few resources that I mention in the video in this blog post for your reference.

I hope this is helpful as you consider including multimodal work into your classes, and I welcome your questions and feedback on these materials!

Designing, Scaffolding, and Evaluating Multimodal Assignments PDF

Designing, Scaffolding, and Evaluating Multimodal Assignments Slides (links embedded in slide images)

Designing, Scaffolding, and Evaluating Multimodal Assignments

Link to Transcript of Video

Additional Resources:

Multimodality Pulling Into a Station: Jonathan Alexander and Jackie Rhodes.” Rhetoricity Podcast, May 30 2018.

Andrea Kraft’s Multimodal Assignments

Emily Brook’s Multimodal Assignments

Example Class-Wide Podcast Assignment

Thank you! Please feel free to leave comments below or use my contact page to get in touch. You can also find me On Twitter @litambtions

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