The New Digital Humanities with Tawnya Ravy

Tawnya Ravy on Things Transform

My work with the Salman Rushdie Archive has been featured on the impressive M. W. Bychowski’s Things TransformM asked me to discuss my project, but also my wider views on being a public scholar. Although this is my first post on this site, I have been writing in the public sphere for the past five years. 

For me, working in the digital humanities began as a way to trace my scholarship in real-time and evolved into an immensely rewarding, collaborative effort that not only improved my research and writing, but also pulled me away from the isolation I had experienced as a young graduate student. As a result of my work with the digital humanities, I joined the growing ranks of public scholars who realize the benefit of working outside the traditional scholarly publication route in order to respond to contemporary research while still new, present ideas to other scholars while still fresh, and reach audiences not only outside of their specific areas of expertise, but also outside of their disciplines and the academy itself. To continue reading, click here.

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