Spring 2022 Goals

Don't you just love a good goals post? Right now most folks in my feed are either "my only 2022 goal is to survive" OR "I'm going to do all the things!" This post is...somewhere in the middle. It's not in my nature to go from thing to thing without a plan, and, on the … Continue reading Spring 2022 Goals

On Pointless Writing

I didn't know what to blog about this week until I was looking through my screenshots and found this legit gem: Screenshot of Miriam Posner's tweet reading: "Writing is so annoying when you have to have 'an argument' or at least 'something to say' and you can't just 'vibe.'" As you know if you've been … Continue reading On Pointless Writing

Summertiming: Planning Your Academic Summer

For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, Summer 2021 is now upon us---although someone forgot to tell the weather in the mid-Atlantic (not that I'm complaining about 70 degrees, zero humidity, sunshine, AND the delayed onslaught of cicadas). For academics, this is a season of emotions - relief and excitement, frustration and anxiety. While … Continue reading Summertiming: Planning Your Academic Summer