Spring Semester Goals

How's everyone doing? You may have noticed I skipped a week because I am still adjusting to being productive while caregiving and practicing the art of adding and subtracting to make it work. QOTD: are you a goals person? If you're a regular reader of this blog you probably are. If others' goal lists make … Continue reading Spring Semester Goals

So Many Projects, So Little Time

Happy New Year to those who use the Gregorian calendar! I have some more personal posts coming down the pipe soon, but I wanted to tackle a topic that was weighing on me this week: how to choose which projects to pursue. I don't know what your feeds/emails look like but mine are teeming with … Continue reading So Many Projects, So Little Time

Big Dreams

How's everyone doing so far this year? It's been a minute since I've posted because I found I needed time to adjust to the spring semester schedule. Remind me to blog about navigating periods of transition sometime. Today's blog is about making big plans, dreaming big dreams, for your academic (or professional) life. I'm inspired … Continue reading Big Dreams