Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities Projects

Salman Rushdie Archive

  • An online resource for Rushdie scholars and students designed on a WordPress platform. Includes biographical and bibliographical information, research resources, and pedagogical information.


Speaker, “Using Digital Archives and Getting Involved in Digital Humanities,” Wilson Center Summer Institute on Conducing Archival Research, The George Washington University, 29 May, 2015.

Presenter, “The Salman Rushdie Archive,” Digital Humanities Showcase, GW Digital Humanities Institute, The George Washington University, 20 February 2015.

Presenter, “Zeros and Ones: A Panel from the Digital Humanities Working Group”, GW EGSA Symposium, The George Washington University, 6 February 2015.


“Juxta and Frankenstein.” Teaching Tools for Digital Humanities and the Novel. Studies in the Novel. 23 September 2015. Web.

“The New Digital Humanities with Tawnya Ravy” Weblog Post. Things Transform. June 17, 2015

“Digital Cultural Heritage D.C.” Weblog Post. From Zeros and Ones. 13 January 2014. Web.

“THATCamp 2014.” Weblog Post. From Zeros and Ones. 10 May 2014. Web.

“RailsGirls: Closing the Gender Coding Gap in the Digital Humanities.” Weblog Post. GW English Graduate Student Association. 24 June 2013. Web.

“Code is Not a Four-Letter Word: Lessons Learned by THATCamp Newbies.” Weblog Post. GW English Graduate Student Association. 26 Februrary 2013. Web.



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